quinta-feira, 30 de junho de 2011

Free Sample Pantene Nature Fusion Moisture Balance

Some time ago, I ordered a sample of shampoo and conditioner of the new Pantene Moisture Balance. I've already received it and used it.

To order it, I only had to make the registration at the Pantene site, here: http://www.cabelopantene.pt/

At the site, says that the shampoo smooths frizz for a silky texture. Well then, here I am to confirm the truthfulness of that affirmation.

My first impression, while opening the sample, was “Wow, what a pleasant smell”. It has a really fantastic smell, and the final impression was “my hair looks great!” and why?

Well, my hair is rough, dry and sometimes looks “heavy”. After using the samples of shampoo and conditioner, my hair was soft, smooth and light, not to mention the wonderful smell! Besides, it emphasized my wavy hair and I even managed to get a curl on one side, and that's not usual!

My honest opinion is that this shampoo is great for those who have dry and/or wavy hair and for those who like to have their hair always fragrant.


The day after:

After I was hanging around all day with my hair tied, and even have slept with it tied too, I woke up and did my hair and it was almost perfect, all wavy and the smell was still there. None of this happens when I use other shampoo, even if they are Pantene.

I loved it! It's approved!

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